Underwear, Let Me Know Where to Wear!

It’s a fashion trend to wear underwear as outerwear. The popularity of this trend has been powered by celebrities who wear lingerie and intimate apparel as clothing. The idea of underwear as outerwear is part of the 20th and 21st-century deconstruction of trends. A few contemporary lingerie brands created part of the popularity of this trend.
Wearing underwear as outerwear has always put body confidence at first. And even though it is always billed as a “new trend,” even a cursory look through history books will prove that the outer – to – below lines have been blurred for a while. Even the distinction between what is considered underwear has shifted with fashion currents, dating back to the very birth of underwear itself. Putting basic clothes in front and center may have felt new and exciting with every cohort of teenagers.

As the 20th century went on, underwear became smaller and fitter. Designers focused more on rich fabrics, laces, embroideries, and brighter colors.

Corset became an outerwear item of fashion rather than an undergarment. This trend soon began to be adopted by avant-garde fashion designers. Women didn’t feel the need to wear corsets anymore, but they now had the choice. This re-appropriation made it possible to re-conceive a symbol historically associated with female oppression as a symbol of fashionable sexual empowerment.

The trickiest part of lingerie shopping is often finding groundwork that not only fits well but will also make you feel good. Because the real sign of an excellent lingerie piece is one that not only looks great but also gives you an extra boost of trust when you put it on. Shopping in lingerie doesn’t have to be a hellish experience — at least not when having the internet is at hand, which is full of ways to find your perfect fit, both physically and stylistically, with just a swipe or a scroll.